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蒼天伝 大吟醸 Sotenden Daiginjo

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蒼天伝 大吟醸 Sotenden Daiginjo

by Ottotto


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這瓶酒的香味帶有層次感 (花蜜、果實香味)、酒香非常重。
蒼天伝 大吟醸 Sotenden Daiginjo is best enjoyed at 15C when its elegant taste, delicate texture and fragrance are most apparent; pairs well with white fish and sea urchin. 2015全米日本酒歡平會: 銀賞獎
2012-2017 IWC Award: Bronze & Silver

  • ABV: 16%
  • Body: Medium
  • Country: Japan
  • District: Sheung Wan
  • Region: Miyagi Prefecture
  • Variety: Sake
  • Vendor: Ottotto by LYDB
  • Volume: 720ml

In stock

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